Professor Alan W. Scheflin
Alan W. Scheflin
Courtesy: Santa Clara Univ.
School of Law

Alan W. Scheflin

Professor of Law
Santa Clara University School of Law

March 9, 1995

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Alan W. Scheflin.  I am a Professor of Law at Santa Clara University Law School,
and a judicially recognized expert in mind and behavior control.  I co-authored a nonfiction book 
about government mind control programs entitled "The Mind Manipulators," which was published 
in a dozen countries.

I am writing in support of the testimony of Claudia S. Mullen and for the purpose of encouraging 
the opening of secret government files on radiation and on mind control.  I have been studying
these secret programs since 1975 and it is my conclusion that there are at minimum hundreds, and 
most likely thousands, of American citizens who could benefit from learning that they were used
as experimental guinea pigs in government research projects. 

Claudia's therapist has been kind enough to send me, with her patient's informed consent, some of 
the pertinent records reflecting Claudia's memories of her experiences as an unwitting subject in 
these experiments.  I have been able to confirm that some of the information Claudia has provided 
is absolutely true and could not have been derived from any published source.  l am persuaded 
that Claudia is proof that secret government mind control experimention is on-going and vastly 
more expansive than government authorities are willing to admit.

I know that many of the stories that will be told by witnesses will sound unbelievable.  Please do 
not dismiss these out of hand.  I learned the hard way that, although there is much disinformation 
about mind control experiments, there is also much truth in the least likely stories.

Release of remaining documents on secret government experiments is in the public interest and 
would not threaten national security.  It is time for citizens to again trust their government.  Public 
disclosure would be the act of good faith to encourage that trust.  Furthermore, and most 
important, there remain victims of these programs who deserve to have that victimization come to 
an end.  Let the truth set them free.

It would be my pleasure to supply any additional information requested.


Alan W. Scheflin

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